Beta Lion

Mark Fulinara – Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Opie Tran – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Dean Fulinara – Drums, Vocals
JR Fulinara – Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals


I believe in Beta Lion.

Beta Lion is the Villains band that has been together the longest. Though originally called P.O.P. (Part of the Problem) in their high school days, they have been together for more than 15 years. Which is also enough time to master the skill of stage banter, which they claim is a defense mechanism and comes out when they’re. Three out of four of them are blood, two brother and a cousin and the fourth has been a friend since childhood. Two Beta’s have left the San Diego nest and now reside in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t seem to affect the band, they just do things a little different, now days a Beta Lion practice is 8 hours long. 8 hours in a room with Opie.

How close these boys are and the years they’ve put in really shows in their live show, which for the longest time was the only way you could hear them, as last years “Written in Sand” was there first official release. That’s actually where the title comes from, the idea that with no record of these songs, they’ll just be washed away with the tide. Lucky for us now there is a record of these songs, and another full length album coming soon… ish. Beta Lion soon.


Download Written in Sand, Beta Lion’s debut EP, available on iTunes and Amazon!

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