we’re all technically interns. None of us get paid. We do, however, occasionally need help and sometimes it’s with stuff that some would find fun and/or educational. for instance, we do a lot of screen printing and that’s fun and a skill that can be picked up, So we see it fit call it an internship. Plus it looks good if we have an “internship” section on the site.

There’s also orders that need to be filled (rarely) and buttons to be made and dry cleaning to be picked up and my car to be washed… oh wait, that last little bit was me just having flashbacks to when I was an intern. We’d never make you do silly things like that. Although, It would be cool if you went to the corner store and picked up some beers. I don’t have any cash though, can you just cover it?

In all seriousness, if you want to see how the smallest of small record labels works, drop me a line and maybe we’ll need some help around here. We can’t offer money or college credit though, we operate out of a one car garage after all.

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