RC KRUEGER – Founder

RC went to film school, which has very little to do with what he ended up doing, but it’s where he met the people he would start playing in bands with. You know, like one does in film school. After a while it became apparent that he was taking the music stuff more seriously than the film stuff and they would play more and more shows and start to tour, all the while meeting and establishing solid relationships with other bands. After realizing that it was expensive to get CD’s and shirts and all that stuff printed, he figured it’d be a better idea to learn how to just do it himself and have his friends help. Originally when they screen printed it took 2 people, one to hold the screen, one to print. And they got giant sheets of chipboard to cut up and make CD cases. As primitive as it was, they were doing it and RC had the idea he could do it for other bands too, all these bands he’d grown so found of. The idea of putting all you friends together and giving the collective a name was the most exciting part.

Trying to take is a seriously as possible, RC started interning at a much larger San Diego based independent label (to remain nameless because I don’t know the rules with that, but you could probably google it) so that he could learn how do run one. But, having it inside him to take things as far as he could, he said with the label until he eventually became the creative director at the label. He got the opportunity to work on a lot of really great, really big albums, but his heart wasn’t in it as much as it was in Villains. He made the scary decision to part ways with the company and focus on Villains. It has yet to pay off.

MARK FULINARA – Not into labels

I’m pretty sure Mark went to film school too. although, I guess I’m just assuming that because he works in the film industry. He works on the Sony lot. I wish he worked on the WB lot so I could imagine him being a security guard and chasing the animaniacs around. It’s funny that what with our film backgrounds there’s so little video content for Villains. We’re working on that.

Mark’s involvement began when he asked if his band, Beta Lion could be on Villains. They were friends and a really good band, so of course they were going to be on Villains, but Mark worked really hard on the promotion of they’re album and made Villains seem like a big deal so that it would seem like a big deal that Beta Lion had “signed” to Villains. RC was impressed by this and enjoyed Marks company, so he asked him to help more with Villains and Mark agreed.

Mark is also now a professional MMA photographer. No joke, they fly him out to shoot fights. He also trains himself, I’m not sure in what style though. He’s also a world class Tekken player, again no joke. So as you can tell, he’s really into fighting.