Here’s the skinny:

There are nine of you. Everyone does a cover and everyone gets covered. The player below provides a sample of each artist involved. This is only a sample, the artists entire catalog, however big or small it may be, is available to be covered. Also below is a list of the artists with links to their page here on the villains site, which have more songs on them so you can dive deeper.  The names will become crossed out when the artist has been picked and is no longer available. again, everyone does a cover and everyone gets covered, so each artist can only be chosen once. I’m going to send this link out to everyone at the same time and it’s first come, first serve.

Email to claim your cover.


Beta Lion Claimed by Sullen Ray

C is for Carlo Claimed by Mariel

Joe St. Thomas Claimed by Katey

Katey and the Quilt Claimed by Privet

Mariel Claimed by C is for Carlo

The Paper Thins Claimed by Tiny Moths

Privet Claimed by Joe St. Thomas

Sullen Ray Claimed by The Paper Thins

Tiny Moths Claimed by Beta Lion


We’d like to try to record as many of these covers as possible in the the same place in an attempt to make this feel more like an album than the mix tape that is Villaintine’s. Little Billy Hagen has volunteered to engineer. As soon as everyone has picked a song we will start scheduling recording sessions. I realize that some of you are too far away to make this happen, so will just do what we can.