Will Hagan – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Sean Walsh – Vocals, Guitar
Matt Lynott – Drums
Tim McNally – Vocals, Bass
Dillon Casey – Keyboards, Guitar
Nolan Greene – Drums
Julien Cantelm – Vocals, Drums
Sean Rose – Bass
June Owatari – Wood blocks, Yelling
RC Krueger – Cowbell, Stomping, Yelling
… and more…

Based in San Diego, Privet are up-and-coming evil overlords, having performed on public access and won an award for their original score of the documentary SWEET, SEXY OCEAN, and they can’t wait to mastermind their way into more gigs. According to their Facebook, they will “shamelessly score your home movies, cat videos, or just follow you around and play music behind you to narrate your day.”

Together, this evolving group of artists create music that can be described as haunting, with vocal melodies reminiscent of the soft croons of Kilgore Trout and Liza Minnelli.

Preferring to skip the expensive and sometimes sterile studio environment, Privet mixes and engineers their own music. With a mobile recording box in tow, they can choose where and when to record their tracks, usually choosing to take their sweet time about it. Villains is looking forward to the fruition of Privet’s latest album, THE PATH INTEGRAL, currently undergoing final touches on tracks and artwork.

You can check out their sound on BandCamp. They also have a series of YouTube videos of live performances done in a very well-put together living room.

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