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S @ The Smell (10/13/14)

Hey kids, Mark again.  So all of you guys that follow my Tumblr (that means you, Mom) you would have seen that I snuck away to The Smell on my lunch break at work to catch part of S’s set.  They were soooo good.  Here are some pictures from the part of their set that I caught.  I would have taken more if I wasn’t enjoying them so much.


More pictures below the cut.

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Beta Lion: Back in practice to get back in action.

Opie Tran of Beta Lion

Dean Fulinara of Beta Lion

Hey guys, Mark here.  My band Beta Lion has been back at it at our rehearsal space prepping for our show with Mariel and The Voveri at the Tin Can Alehouse on 10/25.  It’ll be our first show this year and Opie’s first double header Beta Lion/Mariel performance, so we’re super excited.

In my spare time, I keep a blog about these types of things, and also other types of things.  Click here to see more pictures from our rehearsal!

The Paper Thins: Joining them for band practice

Simon Leader playing drums for The Paper Thins

Simon Leader of The Paper Thins

Michael and Will playing guitar/vox and bass (respectively) in The Paper Thins

Michael Esten and Will Hagan of The Paper Thins

“Did you bring your earplugs?” Will (who I arrived with) asked me. He led me to a nondescript building near Societe Brewing and Southern California Comics to meet up with the rest of The Paper Thins for practice. I nodded but rummaged through my purse just in case.

Sweaty and miserable from the heatwave, we trudged through the building to the practice room, where a struggling air conditioning unit greeted us.

Rich playing guitar and singing backup vocals for The Paper Thins

Rich Marques of The Paper Thins

As the band set up, they answered some questions for their biography on this site. Finally, to prepare for practice, they turned off the fluorescent overheads, leaving only the illumination of a small lamp. It gave the practice space a moody, exclusive feel. I was about to get my own private Paper Thins show!

“Wait,” Michael said. “June wanted to take pictures. Should we turn the lights back on?”

I shrugged. I only had an old iPhone, so I knew the pictures wouldn’t come out amazing. I just wanted something to record that I had been there.

They turned the lights back on for me. And I got those exclusive photos.

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