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Villaintine’s Day 2016


We had the Villaintine’s 2016 release party at The Merrow in Hillcrest. When I asked the sound guy, Arlo, if we could play the cassette between bands he looked at me like I was crazy, but I presented him with a tape deck and he made it happen. The show featured comp contributors Joe St. Thomas, Post Attraction, Giant Surprise and Mariel. And I think Opie still holds the record on the punching bag game they have at The Merrow.

This years compilation, which was the sixth Villaintine’s, is the first cassette to come out on Villains. Which hopefully will be the first of many. It’s my favorite Villaintine’s yet. We’ve got some new friends that bring so much to the comp, and the old friends just get better every year. Get your copy now on:



The Villains Shop

Villaintines 2015 Tour photos: The Other Door (2/12/2015)

Here are some photos I snapped on the third night of the Villaintines 2015 tour at The Other Door in North Hollywood.  It was my first time at the venue, and I was really impressed considering it’s unassuming exterior.  The sound guy turned out to be the owner of The Other Room.  He was a nice guy who seemed to really care about making sure the bands sounded as good as possible.  I missed Ricky Small’s set, but I thought Tiny Stills, Mariel, and Sullen Ray sounded great.  -Mark

Overexposed Villaintines Poster.Enthusiastic new fan holding up the Villaintines poster.  (Click ‘Read More’ below for more photos.  Click on the thumbnails to see full res versions)

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Beta Lion, Mariel, and The Voveri @ The Tin Can (10/25/2014)

Beta Lion‘s first show since they released their Written in Sand, Mariel‘s first show since before the summer, and The Voveri‘s first show EVER? It was a series of firsts at the Tin Can last Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014.

To those of you who showed up, THANK YOU!! Not only did you help us hit capacity, you brought so much energy and excitement into the room!

Check out these photos grabbed from Shane Doherty, Mark Fulinara, and Instagram friends.

Crowd during The Voveri

The crowd during The Voveri. Photos by Mark Fulinara.

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