Record Label Spotlight: Reticulum Records

Reticulum Records
Reticulum Records is an indie label based out of Wyoming that covers death metal bands Cavernlord, DungeonCult, and Natanas. Their core values of sharing and DIY speak to our own, which was why I sought them out after reading about them in a Reddit thread. I’ve found that they’re very similar to us, often sharing equipment and taking on recording and distribution duties amongst themselves.

You can read their responses (mostly coming from Nathaniel) from our email correspondence below.

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Who’s involved with Reticulum Records?

Nathaniel – design, promotion;
Jason – ideas, production;
Stan – skill and patience;
Zack – the anchor

What’s your proudest moment at Reticulum?

Speaking just for myself (Nathaniel), I’d say it’s feeling the all-for-one, one-for-all spirit of helping your friends succeed. If some one needs something, an amp, an extra mic, a pedal, a banjo, a violin, etc. We all know what the other guys have. It’s just a request away.

I feel like I’m a part of something that kids will read about in twenty years.

We’re living in the future, embrace it!


The bands all self fund, keep their profits, help each other out with equipment. They all pretty much have their own studios. So the bands record when the songs congeal.

Production and sound engineering is also done solo. We do critique each others work and offer suggestions to each other. As far as the studios, before we joined forces we had each invested quite a bit of money into our own projects. In this day and age you don’t have to buy time in a studio. I personally own equipment that blows away the stuff used to record the classics, and it’s in a room in my home. We’re living in the future, embrace it!


We use a distributor to get the music to the big online stores for visibility. The bands also choose to offer free downloads on sites such as Bandcamp to further exposure. We are actually planning some CD and cassette re-releases of most of the catalogs of Natanas and Dungeoncult in the next year or so.

Tell us more about your bands.

Nathaniel has a one man black/doom metal band named Natanas.

Jason has a one man grindcore/death metal band named DungeonCult.

Both those bands are on the metal archives.

Nathaniel, Jason, and Stan are Cavernlord. This is a heavy sludge/doom project. Very early in the developmental stage, keep an eye on this one. @cavernlord on Twitter.

Zach is very much in the circle, yet doesn’t feel like putting himself out there yet. We like having him and his huge brain around.

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