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Artist Preview: Jordan Chini’s “The Hour Glass” from His Upcoming Debut EP

EDIT: Jordan Chini’s debut EP is out now on Bandcamp!

Jordan Chini’s self-titled, debut EP is a blast from the past that meshes 60s and 70s rock with modern sensibilities. The amount of vocal harmonies and instruments on this EP is dizzying, especially when you realize Chini played, recorded, mixed, and mastered it all at recently-opened Sound JAR Studios in Valley Center, CA.

All seven songs have an old school and vintage feel to them. First impressions from the Villains camp includes comparisons to the Beatles in opening track “Oxygen” and Fleetwood Mac in “Lost Soul” and “Berry Lane.” For a more modern comparison, I can’t help but think of Elliott Smith’s croons in “Berry Lane.”

His single “The Hour Glass” is charming and features quick fingerwork, beautiful harmonies and lyrics, and an interesting sounding pedal steel guitar paired with glockenspiel.

Listen to the single below and keep a lookout for the full release on November 2, 2014.