A quote from Our Band Could Be Your Life

Recently, we picked up and started reading a book about the underground indie scene in America, and found a quote that resonated with us. We thought we’d share it with you, so you get an idea of our ethos.

From Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991 by Michael Azerrad.

The indie movement was a reclamation of what rock was always about. Rock & roll hinged on strong, personal connection to favorite bands, but that connection had been stretched to the limit by pop’s lowest common denominator approach, not to mention things like impersonal stadium concerts and the unreality of MTV. Indie bands proved you didn’t need those things to make a connection with an audience. In fact, you could make a better connection with your audience without them.

Corporate rock was about living large; indie was about living realistically and being proud of it. Indie bands didn’t need million-dollar promotional budgets and multiple costume changes. All they needed was to believe in themselves and for a few other people to believe in them, too. You didn’t need some big corporation to fund you, or even verify that you were any good. It was about viewing as a virtue what most saw as a limitation.

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