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Sullen Ray’s BLUE MINOR available now on Bandcamp & iTunes!

I’ve been too busy listening to Sullen Ray’s Blue Minor to really blog about it until now. The newest release from the Los Angeles duo, Blue Minor is the first of their “primary colors collection.” My favorite tracks? “Without You,” previously released as a single, and “Just For Tonight.” Both feature Dee’s vocals and her impeccable lyric-writing.

When I listen to “Just for Tonight,” I can feel the hairs on my arm stand up… Haven’t we all felt that unrequited craving for someone that we shouldn’t be craving? It’s a sexy, slow song… I imagine two people dancing, lips almost touching, and their significant others about to return any second to catch them…

Listen to “Just For Tonight” and the rest of the album on Bandcamp, or buy on iTunes and Google Play. And stay tuned for a CD release party coming up in October!

What have reviewers said about Beta Lion’s Written in Sand?

Beta Lion "Written in Sand" release

“In a market saturated with indie rock bands who all try to sound so different that they end up sounding the same, Beta Lion actually do sound different enough to make them stand out from the crowd.” – Music Emissions

“This quartet always gets to a soaring, arena-ready chorus that often sounds like Phoenix’s popsavant brain tugging on Death Cab for Cutie’s heartstrings.” – SD CityBeat

“Beta Lion’s Written In Sand invites the listener to be a part of an audience… From the very beginning Written In Sand feels like a larger effort than it’s five tracks would seem to imply. Beta Lion are creating an experience that feels like a mini concept album.” – Some Kind of Muffin

Beta Lion releases their debut release, Written in Sand, tomorrow March 15th.

Review of Beta Lion’s single “Tonight at Whisperz”

Last month, I wrote up a short review of Beta Lion’s single in anticipation of the new album. I am so excited to have Beta Lion joining us in villainy. You can read the review at my blog, eat.drink.craft.