Et tu, Beta Lion?

Beta Lion take a variety of paths to get to their downcast dream-pop; sometimes songs are built around a serpentine bass line, and others are powered by a buzzy guitar riff. But this quartet always gets to a soaring, arena-ready chorus. – Ben Salmon, San Diego CityBeat

Beta Lion's debut EP release Written in Sand, due out March 15, 2014Villains Records is proud to announce the release date of Beta Lion’s Written in Sand EP: March, 15, 2014, the dreaded ides of March. Written in Sand will be available via the online store and on iTunes.

We are incredibly honored to have Beta Lion in our lineup. Mark, Dean, JR, and Opie have been playing together since 1999. They easily embody the community and family spirit that we strive for at Villains Records.

You can get a sneak peek at their opening track, $15 Ladies here:

Their debut EP includes 5 tracks spanning their career, the first four being written between 2003 and 2007. The last track serves as a retrospective of Beta Lion’s history together.

  1. $15 Ladies
  2. Altar Beats
  3. Escape Signal
  4. Tonight at Whisperz
  5. Written in Sand

Spread the word, Beta Lion is coming!

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