Finally, the 2014 Villaintines compilation is available for download

Getting all sniffly because you couldn’t snag a snazzy, hand-screened Villaintines CD? Are you antsy because you haven’t been able to listen to this year’s eclectic mix of dance, shoegaze, and alternative rock?

The wait is over! You can finally stream and download the latest Villaintines compilation straight from Bandcamp. Pay what you want or don’t pay at all. Any and all proceeds go straight back to the artists.

Featuring Villains like Sullen Ray and Beta Lion and friends like The Paper Thins and Hot Karate, this compilation is sure to please your indie, headbopping soul. Every artist on the record had their own hands in the production of their songs.

And in case you missed the super secret sneak peek at the track list, here it is again:

Raymond the Sparrow – Aurora
The Paper Thins – Evil Eyes
Privet – Honesty
Muscle Beech – Hands
Bulletins – Is Love
Mariel – We Lost the Fight
Beta Lion – $15 Ladies
Sullen Ray – Dive
Moan – Moans
C is for Carlo – What Now?
Myster Mister – Electric Shock, Electric Slop
Hot Karate – Offerings
Katey and The Quilts – Tangerine
Tiny Moths – Curtain Calls / Flightplans

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