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The Paper Thins: Joining them for band practice

Simon Leader playing drums for The Paper Thins

Simon Leader of The Paper Thins

Michael and Will playing guitar/vox and bass (respectively) in The Paper Thins

Michael Esten and Will Hagan of The Paper Thins

“Did you bring your earplugs?” Will (who I arrived with) asked me. He led me to a nondescript building near Societe Brewing and Southern California Comics to meet up with the rest of The Paper Thins for practice. I nodded but rummaged through my purse just in case.

Sweaty and miserable from the heatwave, we trudged through the building to the practice room, where a struggling air conditioning unit greeted us.

Rich playing guitar and singing backup vocals for The Paper Thins

Rich Marques of The Paper Thins

As the band set up, they answered some questions for their biography on this site. Finally, to prepare for practice, they turned off the fluorescent overheads, leaving only the illumination of a small lamp. It gave the practice space a moody, exclusive feel. I was about to get my own private Paper Thins show!

“Wait,” Michael said. “June wanted to take pictures. Should we turn the lights back on?”

I shrugged. I only had an old iPhone, so I knew the pictures wouldn’t come out amazing. I just wanted something to record that I had been there.

They turned the lights back on for me. And I got those exclusive photos.

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Sullen Ray’s BLUE MINOR available now on Bandcamp & iTunes!

I’ve been too busy listening to Sullen Ray’s Blue Minor to really blog about it until now. The newest release from the Los Angeles duo, Blue Minor is the first of their “primary colors collection.” My favorite tracks? “Without You,” previously released as a single, and “Just For Tonight.” Both feature Dee’s vocals and her impeccable lyric-writing.

When I listen to “Just for Tonight,” I can feel the hairs on my arm stand up… Haven’t we all felt that unrequited craving for someone that we shouldn’t be craving? It’s a sexy, slow song… I imagine two people dancing, lips almost touching, and their significant others about to return any second to catch them…

Listen to “Just For Tonight” and the rest of the album on Bandcamp, or buy on iTunes and Google Play. And stay tuned for a CD release party coming up in October!

New Sullen Ray single “Without You” released TODAY!

Download the new single “Without You” from their upcoming album BLUE minor.



“It kind of snowballed after he came back from Europe,” Dee says, referencing the 2014 tour with Tarah Who?. Seth returned from the tour with new ideas for the direction of Sullen Ray. All-in-all, Seth says he scrapped about 20 songs before starting work on new material with Dee. “He said some of the [new songs] were meant for me to sing in my style,” she continues. “I think he secretly wrote them for me. Sneaky!”

BLUE minor is the exciting new chapter of Sullen Ray to be released digitally on August 12th September 23rd — with a physical release on September 2nd in October. It is the first of a 3-part album collection to be named after the primary colors… so expect a lot more to come from the Sullen Ray duo!