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S @ The Smell (10/13/14)

Hey kids, Mark again.  So all of you guys that follow my Tumblr (that means you, Mom) you would have seen that I snuck away to The Smell on my lunch break at work to catch part of S’s set.  They were soooo good.  Here are some pictures from the part of their set that I caught.  I would have taken more if I wasn’t enjoying them so much.


More pictures below the cut.

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Happy Villaintine’s Day!

Villaintines Day compilation 2014 cover

Our fourth annual compilation releases TONIGHT! After hours of mixing, mastering, and sequencing, Villains and company present to you an eclectic mix of dream pop, folk, electronic, and more.  We were hard at work hand screening CDs, CD sleeves, and posters all week, and we are excited — quite an understatement — to finally have physical copies!

The album is available exclusively to those who join us tonight at the CD release party at The Griffin, with a digital release on Bandcamp TBA this weekend.

To jumpstart the Villains 3-day mini tour tonight, local acts Mariel, Muscle BeechPrivet, and LA’s Sullen Ray will join together at The Griffin.  This will be Privet’s debut of their new audio-visual performance and Sullen Ray’s debut of the new band.

Albums will be available at the subsequent Ventura and Los Angeles shows.

We can’t wait to see you all there!

14th: MUSCLE BEECH, Privet, Sullen Ray, Mariel @ The Griffin (1310 Morena Blvd, San Diego) [Facebook event page]

15th: ANDREW SAKS, Tarah Who?, Sullen Ray, Mariel @ The Dragon Room (The Golden China, 760 S. Seaward Avenue, Ventura) [Facebook event page]

16th: TARAH WHO?, Sullen Ray, Mariel @ The Down & Out (501 South Spring Street, Los Angeles) [Facebook event page]

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Villaintine’s Day is coming!

Villaintines Day release party poster - february 14thHoly Guacamole! We’re getting down to the wire for the 2014 Villaintine’s release. Tracks from several artists are coming in left and right. CDs and sleeves are on their way from the Great Ether. Screens are being prepped in the garage.

Are you guys ready?

First show to kick off the release party is on February 14th!